Catamount Baseball exists to elevate and promote the game of baseball in Colorado Springs by providing the opportunity for competitive, high level players to play for a local organization characterized by player development, quality coaching/instruction, integrity, honesty, and character.

The Catamount Way

The Catamount Baseball Club has clear priorities.


Focused on player development

We want each player to maximize their potential
We want players to be able to play the game of baseball until they decide they no longer want to play. We focus on individual improvement for each player so they can play at the high school level, college level, or potentially at the professional level.

Quality Coaching & Instruction

Players get better through quality feedback and instruction
We provide outstanding coaches and then give coaches ongoing instruction for their continuous improvement.  We utilize coaches and players from  the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs in order to provide high level instruction, cutting edge technology, and effective methodologies to help each player improve.

Integrity / Honesty / Character

We want to develop quality young men
The odds of playing professional baseball are stacked against each player, but they will all be community members, husbands, fathers, and friends. We are as interested in the development of each player off the field as their play on the field.

An affordable, local option

Club baseball should be accessible for all players
Colorado Springs is full of quality baseball players. We want players in the region to have a quality option. We will play a combination of local, regional, and select national events in order to play the best competition and expose players to college coaches, scouts, and other top players.



The Catamount Baseball club would like to welcome all the new and returning players to the organization. 2023 was a successful season for our teams. The organization will continue to follow our mission of player development. Wins will come when we focus on the fundamental skills. 

Our Teams

Catamount Baseball Club fields three High School teams and five youth teams.

Our Staff

Josh Larrinaga

Head Coach

Josh enters his third season with the UCCS baseball program.

The Catamount Context

Catamount is a Middle English word that means “Mountain Lion” and pays homage to the local wildlife and also the mascot at UCCS.


While the Catamount’s coaching staff are affiliated with the UCCS Baseball program and we use their facilities, we are an independent organization dedicated to helping players develop and have opportunities to play at any college or university in the country.

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